About Rachel

rachel maserI have felt a VERY strong push to tell my story to others, because it gives us ALL the power to realize that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE, and what we tell ourselves TODAY is what really matters – NOT WHERE we were yesterday!

MY STORY. My REAL story. Not the shiny, pretty clean food, healthy kids, recipe book “perfect” life: story…but, me.

When I was 16, I moved out on my own. I grew-up in the small town of Moab, Utah. It probably surprises you that I smoked cigarettes heavily from the age 16-20. I became involved with drugs. I liked to smoke weed occasionally, but I really preferred crystal meth. For 2 years I lived for it. I loved the high I could get, then I would crash HARD. Losing all energy, and staying in bed for a few days at a time. My health and ambition COMPLETELY sucked. I thought that I was a lost cause. I didn’t know what to do about any of it.

Something inside me eventually said to change, so I did. Nothing big happened. I just realized that it was probably going to kill me (and life was NOT enjoyable)…I stopped using drugs completely…I don’t know, maybe I just grew out of it, but decided to make myself stop.

I wanted a better life. I felt strongly that BETTER was a choice.

When I became pregnant with my first baby at 20, I stopped smoking cigarettes. Just like that. I had always wanted to be a mother, so I told myself to just stop.

Throughout my 20’s I gave birth to 4 (adorable) children, was not very active, and became highly addicted to something else: SUGAR.

I loved to bake, and make treats. I felt like CRAP. I just thought, “Well, I’m getting older, this is just what happens.” I also thought I was being such a “good” mom by making them enormous amounts of cookies and cupcakes, just about every day.

Something happened once again…I faced the truth that was inside screaming at me all along…I realized that I absolutely knew better.

Just like nicotine…the sugar was VERY addictive, but it was still a choice.

I was making excuses. I was taking the easy way out every day.

The thing is, that it was NOT really that easy! I was not happy with my energy or physical appearance.

I was suffering because of my daily choices.

So, I decided to change it.
Just like that.

I began intensively researching health, and fitness.

Making better lifestyle choices (sometimes slowly, but continuously) that felt right, & good to me.rsz_rachel_maser_pic_1_3

This is when my life completely opened up, and became a lot more FUN & meaningful.

Those little choices we CAN make each day… they set us free.

None of this means that I’m “perfect” about the Clean Eating now, but my life HAS changed drastically.

I understand that everything I put into my body will affect my mood, energy, health, and ultimately my quality of life.

It is a choice.

A choice we all CAN make.

It does not matter where we are from, what we have done in our past, or how far “gone” we think we are.
None of that will ever matter.

What matters is the choices we make TODAY.

It’s never too late.

The truths within can set us free, and inspire others.

Wishing you a lifetime of health, & happiness on your own journey!
Love, Rachel

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