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Clean Food Love eCookbook Bundle

clean food love bundle
  • 30 Days of Clean and Easy Recipes.
  • Includes recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.
  • 7 Steps to Simple Food Prep - Over 60 Pages of details information on how to simplify food prep.
  • 55 Fast, Easy and Delicious smoothies.
  • Daily Meal and Nutritional Tracker.
  • Access to the exclusive Facebook Group for customers of this program.

30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

  • 4 Week Recipe Guide: Focused on decreasing inflammation, reducing cravings and keeping you satisfied through the day.
  • Shopping Lists for the 30 Day Challenge & BEYOND!.
  • 30 Days of Daily Support Emails
  • Daily Meal and Nutritional Tracker.
  • Private Facebook Community exclusive to challenge members.

Meal Prep Made Easy

Meal Prep Made Easy
  • This program is designed to Help YOU Implement Clean Eating into Your Life.
  • Over 60 Recipes with Video
  • Print out the recipes and watch while you make it
  • It's Like Having Me in the kitchen with you!

Pumpkin Love Cookbook

Pumpkin Love Cookbook
  • Pumpkin Treats.
  • Pumpkin Breakfast Recipes.
  • Pumpkin Side Dishes.
  • Pumpkin Soups & Chili.
  • Pumpkin Main Dishes.
  • Pumpkin Desserts.

The Clean Food Crush recipes are always easy and quick to make.

Available in both paperback and eBook.
Pumpkin Love Cookbook

Winter Treats Cookbook

Winter Treats Cookbook
5 Reasons you are going to LOVE Hawt Chocolate
  • Healthier versions of Traditional Desserts - When I was picking out the recipes to include in this cookbook, I wanted to make sure they still tasted like our childhood holiday memories. {Belly Ache Not Included}
  • Simple - Let's face it, it's the holidays, we are already busy!
  • I made sure that these recipes were the most time effective treat we could create, without sacraficing quality, taste, and FUN!
  • Kids won't know the difference! Believe it or not, when my kids tried these recipes one of them said, "Mom these taste just like the ones you used to buy, but better!"
    {P.S. This was specifcally, about the Clean Peppermint Patties.}
  • NO Refined Sugar in Any of these Recipes

Look, I used to be ADDICTED to refined sugar, I wanted everything to do with refined sugar. And I was also carrying 30 extra lbs on my body.

Coincidence, I think not. Refineded sugars simply cause your body to store fats.

It Makes a Great Gift! Even if you're not gluten free, or into eating all natural , or hate dessert {GASP!} you probably know someone who is.

Many of my friends have already told me that this would make for the perfect gift for someone they know.

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