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6Jun, 24
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Five Health Benefits of Summer

I’m a huge fan of summer, with the longer days, warm nights, vacations, tasty foods, and time with friends. There are things to keep in mind about this season, of course, such as the importance of staying hydrated, but the things to love go beyond beach trips and grilling on the patio.

There are several health benefits associated with summer.

Here are just 5 ways that these next few months could positively affect your health, maybe without your knowledge:

More Time Outdoors

Many of us spend more time outside in the summer months thanks to the many different activities available.

Being outside comes with several health benefits, including providing more fresh air, boosting your energy, and getting vitamin D from the sun, which helps to strengthen your immune system and lower your risk for diseases.

Also, we naturally walk barefoot more often in the summer, such as at the beach. And walking barefoot is a form of grounding, which has many health benefits we discuss on this blog.

If you need ideas on how to better utilize this aspect of summer, check out our guide here.

Seasonal Produce

There are extra fruits and veggies in the summer, and as the heat causes us to crave lighter meals such as salads, we tend to eat more of this produce during these months.

Fruits, in particular, are more abundant in the summer, and with them come nearly endless ideas for cold treats and refreshing drinks to make and enjoy.

Each one provides its own array of health benefits, vitamins, and minerals

Sweating & Activities

While outside this summer, you might be partaking in more activities than in the winter.

Riding your bike, hiking, swimming, kayaking, and much more are all fun options to do by yourself or with friends and family.

Each one is a form of exercise that is good for your body and mind.

Plus, you’ll sweat more, whether you’re being active or not. Sweating is a vital component of body detoxification.

It cools you down while purging your body of bacteria, helping lower inflammation and improving your blood circulation.

Sweat can also help keep your skin hydrated, which is vital for good skin care.

Time for Fun

This isn’t true for everyone, of course, but many people have more time in the summer for leisurely activities.

Spending time for yourself, when you can rest and recharge, is essential for your mental health. Plus, there are more opportunities for playing.

Letting go of stresses and obligations to have fun, even for a few minutes, can do wonders for your mental and physical health. So, utilize your possible free time to care for your mental health and to make memories with your friends and family.

Likely Sleeping Better

The previous four benefits all filter into this one in some way or another.

After enjoying fun summer activities, getting more sun, and exerting more energy, you’ll surely be exhausted and find it easier to fall asleep than typical.

And sleep is one of the key components of overall health. 

If you want to focus more on getting quality sleep, check out these 13 tips.

As you can see, summer can be quite beneficial for your health in several ways! What are your favorite ways to enjoy summer? Let me know in the comments below. 

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